For centuries people have gathered on this ancient riverside site to worship God; to laugh and cry together, to baptise the young, marry the betrothed and bury the dead.

We meet each week to sing, to pray, to listen and to share our hopes and fears with God and each other.

We are a church that is inclusive and warm and welcoming to one and all; regular or visitor alike.

Although we take what we do seriously, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We enjoy a good party and we don’t claim to know the answers to everything. All of us are really pilgrims together – journeying down the path of life. The path that Christ invites us to follow. You are very welcome to journey alongside us. It would be super to see you one day.
With every blessing,

Fr Andrew

Fr Andrew Downes

Vicar, St Marys Sunbury-on-Thames

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Christmas Lights 2022
Sat, Dec 03
Christmas Lights 2022
Nine Lessons and Carols
Sun, Dec 18
Nine Lessons and Carols
3pm Christmas Eve Crib Service
Sat, Dec 24
3pm Christmas Eve Crib Service
5pm Christmas Eve Crib Service
Sat, Dec 24
5pm Christmas Eve Crib Service

Need Prayer? We’ll Pray For You!

Need prayer? We would love to pray for you. Send us a message with your prayer request.

Pray with the Church of England

We regularly stream morning and evening prayer on our Facebook page but at other times you can listen to morning and evening prayer from the Church of England here or download the 'Daily Prayer' App.

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What’s New?

“Inside Out Liturgy” a new book from Canon Robin

The word or idea of Liturgy is disappearing in some new church movements and is not always taken that seriously in some churches. This book takes the idea and the word seriously, describing something of what it originally meant when the early church drew on its "maximal" meaning from its usage in the Greek city States from about the 5th century BC onwards. . How does this affect our perception of the split between the sacred and the secular made so often by Christians now? Why are such dualisms dangerous, or at least a reduction of the meaning of Liturgy? How does the Liturgy of the Church mean more than worship? How does it overflow into the Liturgy of the World? If something of this orientation could be rediscovered what difference might it make? Drawing on brief references to early mystical writers like Pseudo-Dionysius, Origen, Maximus the Confessor, the Cappadocians, as well as the Cloud of Unknowing, St John of the Cross, Julian of Norwich, T.S.Eliot, Olivier Clement, Rowan Williams, Karl Rahner and Alexander Schmemann, this book pauses to look at the meaning of mystery, sacrament and incarnation, as the context for the church's engagement with the world.
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