Fr Andrew Downes

Vicar, St Marys Sunbury

Welcome to St Mary's

For centuries people have gathered on this ancient riverside site to worship God; to laugh and cry together, to baptise the young, marry the betrothed and bury the dead.

We meet each week to sing, to pray, to listen and to share our hopes and fears with God and each other.

We are a church that is inclusive and warm and welcoming to one and all; regular or visitor alike.

Although we take what we do seriously, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We enjoy a good party and we don’t claim to know the answers to everything. All of us are really pilgrims together – journeying down the path of life. The path that Christ invites us to follow. You are very welcome to journey alongside us. It would be super to see you one day.

With every blessing,


Fr Andrew

This Coming Sunday

Under the Corona virus times we now find ourselves in, we have had to reduce the public services that we offer. We currently run three services a week at 10.00am on Sunday in church, a Family Service at 11.30am in the Parish Hall and at 12.30pm on Wednesday in church. It is essential you pre-register to attend by contacting the Parish office in advance. Regretfully it will not be possible just to turn up. In addition, we also  livestream all our services including Morning Prayer at 9.00am and Compline at 6.30pm each weekday on our Facebook page which you can access HERE